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The Big Bang Theory Season 1-9 DVD Box Set


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Product Information of The Big Bang Theory Season 1-9 DVD Box Set

Language: EnglishBoxed Set: YesDiscs: 63
Release date: 2015Condition: NewWeight: 2.5 kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PALNo. of Season: 1-9
Region: Region Free – You can enjoy it wherever you are
Genre: Comedy

Cast and Crew

Creator: Chuck Lorre,Bill Prady

Leading Role: Johnny Galecki,Jim Parsons,Kaley Cuoco,Simon Helberg,Kunal Nayyar,Sara Gilbert

Summary of The Big Bang Theory Season 1-9 DVD Boxset

Leonard and Sheldon (JohnnyGalecki) (Jim Parsons) is a pair of good friend, their IQ absolute superiority, because they are proficient in quantum physics theory, familiar with the various fields. But when it comes to daily life, the two unkempt boy was completely lost temper -- daily necessities these seemingly simple things in life, but let them have the same feeling lost in space, they have the science theory there is no place here. Until one day, the next moved to a girl Penny, a sexy beauty immediately attracted the attention of Leonard. Penny is a girl dreams of becoming an actor, but there has been no success, can only work in a fast food restaurant at ordinary times, her character, cheerful, friendly, is a very different with Leonard and Sheldon the pursuit of fashionable young people, the most important thing is, she has recently become a single. Leonard and Sheldon, there are two good friends. Thought is a playboy Howard Wolowitz, he said he is "casanova" of the California institute of technology, be able to pick up hot chicks in six languages, Howard, but was in fact a like to get some outdated means guy hooking up. From India Rajesh Koothrappali with severe "disorder" with opposite sex association, with the opposite sex is present when he cannot speak, only after being drunk freely to communicate with the girl. A beautiful woman and the story of the four scientific igawa quietly started out in laughter.

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